“Mark, I wanted to thank you for your legal assistance with [my two sons]. With your help, I was able to keep the boys in school and get a better understanding of [their] learning issues. . . . I know that it would have been difficult, if not impossible, to achieve the same results without your help."

June, 2016

Parent in Montgomery County,

Dear Mr. Voigt,

My husband and I want to sincerely from the heart give the most up appreciation for your services with helping our daughter. As a blue collared every day American family we strived to want what every parent hopes for in the education system, and that's for the school to give 100% effort in trying to obtain academic achievement. Unfortunately, sometimes that is not the case and children are being left behind regardless of what laws are set into place. Leaving families uncertain and in the dark with what to do for their own child(ren) in school settings. We cannot stress before your services, the struggle and frustration of being spun around in circles without absolutely no clear answers on how to help our daughter educationally, and for her own rights and safety in school settings. You are an outstanding, caring, professional, and just overall the best lawyer we had in helping our case with our daughter. You fight for the right of the good. You respectfully and professionally argue our daughter's case. You are 100% clear on all open communication with the case. Overall, our family was so touched how you were there for us every step of the way. I highly recommend your services to anyone who is struggling or in similar situations. And thank you so much again for everything.

December, 2015

Parents in Nazareth, PA,

“We cannot say enough about Mark! His integrity and depth of knowledge have helped our son achieve accomplishments that would never have happened without his help. . . . We are proud and honored to give Mark the highest recommendation we can give.”

December, 2011

Parents in Lancaster, PA,

“Mr. Voigt comes with my highest recommendation! I could not have had a better attorney. Mr. Voigt is trustworthy, consistent and reliable. I’m glad he was on my side.”

December, 2011

Parents in Boyertown, PA,