We can not say enough about Mark, His integrity and depth of knowledge has helped our son achieve accomplishments that would never have happened without his help. Our son was tested and listed as a gifted child at the age of 4 and then again at the age of 10. When we moved to a new School District they would not write a GIEP for him and asked us in these exact words. "What makes you think he deserves a special education". And from the superintendent of schools his words followed "my son is gifted and we did nothing for him so why should we do something for you" Mark gave us guidance and direction on how to handle this obstacle.

That was back in 2002. After we accomplished getting his GIEP written we still fought every year until his graduation from high school in 2009. Today our son is a junior at the University of Delaware studying Chemical Engineering. He was accepted as being in the top 50 in the Distinguished Honors Program from 25,000 applications for 500 spots. Today he is in the top 3 in his class (it changes every semester) and working on renewable sustainable energy and in the process of getting published.

Without Mark’s help and guidance and giving us the legal reasons why our son was entitled to a special education, we do not believe the special accomplishments our son work for and achieved would have been possible and give him the opportunity to be where he is today. Only time will tell where he is going to end up. I can promise you this. He will achieve whatever he puts his mind to because of Mark he was not asked to settle for status quot. We are proud and honored to give Mark the highest recommendation we can give. Kevin & Mauri Conforti

December 9, 2011, Kevin was Mark's client


Kevin Conforti, Senior Director at Ignite - Turning Energy into Income