Workers Compensation

workers compensation pa

Have you been injured on the job?  Is your employer refusing to provide you the benefits you deserve? Or, is your employer trying to terminate your benefits even though you are still not fully recovered from your work injury and cannot return to work? Are you receiving biweekly checks but would rather get your workers compensation money in one lump sum?

I have over 20 years’ experience as a workers’ compensation attorney.  I have represented many injured workers just like you in fighting against their employers and insurance carriers to achieve the benefits they deserve.

Here are just a few of my many successful results:

  • $50,000 settlement for low back strain and sprain suffered by 40 year old woman;
  • $96,000 settlement for nursing home worker who injured her low back:
  • $23,000 settlement for foot injury to part time department store clerk;
  • $105,000 settlement for older hospital worker with disabling low back injury;
  • $60,000 settlement for garage mechanic with low back injury;
  • $85,000 settlement for fast food worker who suffered MRSA infection in hospital after work injury;
  • $25,000 settlement for older worker in retirement home with low back injury;
  • $15,000 settlement for construction worker with mild, short-term shoulder injury;
  • years of weekly benefits followed by a $105,000 settlement for injured psychiatric nurse;
  • $15,000 settlement for worker who returned to work but could no longer do over time due to low back injury;
  • $105,000 settlement for hospital worker with job related upper back and left arm pain; and
  •  435 weeks of substantial wage loss benefits to the daughter of store clerk who lost his right leg in a job related shooting and later died from an unrelated cause.

Among many other areas, my services to injured workers include:

  •  Pursuing claim petitions for new injuries;
  •  Defending injured workers against termination/ suspension petitions by their employers;
  •  Representing workers in hearings before workers compensation judges throughout Pennsylvania;
  •  Advocating for injured workers before the Workers Compensation Appeal Board and the Commonwealth Court; and
  •  Achieving favorable settlements for a lump sum of money via a compromise and release agreement.


Please contact me for a free consultation. I do not charge any attorney’s fees unless and until we are successful in the case and a workers compensation judge approves my fee. Call 610-940-1709 or email