Recent Decisions

DISCLAIMER: I have provided zealous, efficient and effective representation to families of children with special needs for over 15 years.  Here are some of the successful outcomes I have achieved for my clients.  Please keep in mind that special education matters depend greatly on the facts of each individual case. The favorable results I achieved in the following decisions do not guarantee I will win the same results in your case. Please contact me to discuss the merits of your particular case.


BS v.                     School District (Montgomery County, March 2018).

BS is an elementary school-age child with behavioral issues and significant learning disabilities. When BS struggled with reading and writing, the District sent him to a self-contained class for “emotionally disturbed” children in another school building. On my recommendation, Parents placed BS in a private school with strong one-on-one reading and writing support. I then filed for due process. The hearing officer ordered the District to reimburse Parents’ tuition payments, provide daily transportation and pay my attorney’s fees.


Z.C. v.                      School District (Montgomery County, April 2017).

ZC  is a young child with autism, a history of seizures and other disabilities. Parents hired me after concluding the District could not meet his complex special needs. I successfully secured a private school placement at District expense. The District then refused to provide safe, reliable transportation for ZC and from his private school. I filed for due process. The hearing officer ordered the District to place a nurse on the van to administer anti-seizure medication if necessary. The District was also required to reimburse Parents’ legal fees.


JW v.                     School District (Chester County, January 2017).

JW is a highly intelligent but profoundly dyslexic high school student. For years, the District blamed his struggles at school on perceived laziness and bad attitude. Parents retained my services. On my recommendation, Parents enrolled JW at Delaware Valley Friends School. I filed for due process and secured tuition reimbursement for Parents. JW is thriving with the intensive, one-on-one support he receives at DVFS.


G.W. v. ______ School District (Montgomery County, March, 2016).

G.W. has dyslexia. Several years ago, I obtained an order compelling the District to reimburse GW’s tuition at Delaware Valley Friends School. Even though GW was excelling at DVFS, the District refused to keep funding his placement there. I filed for due process. The Hearing Officer ordered the District to continue paying GW’s private school tuition. He chastised the District for offering GW meaningless goals without baseline data just to win the case. GW now looks forward to graduating from DVFS and going to college.


J.C. v. ______ School District (Montgomery County, July, 2016).

JC is a high school student who suffers from Tourette’s Syndrome, anxiety and learning disabilities. When Parents expressed concern over J.C’s failing grades, the District told them he wasn’t applying himself. I filed for due process. The Hearing Officer ordered the District to reimburse Parents for J.C.’s private placement at Delaware Valley Friends School. He is excelling at DVFS and anticipates going to college.


CJ v. ______ School District (Lancaster County, July, 2016).

CJ is a 10th grade student who suffers from ADHD anxiety and a learning disability in math. When he attended school in the District, the other students routinely bullied him based on his assumed sexual orientation. Parents withdrew CJ from the District and placed him in an out of area charter school for students passionate about the arts. They then retained my services, and I filed for due process. The Hearing Officer ruled in Parents favor and ordered the District to reimburse Parents transportation expenses to and from the charter school, totaling approximately $25,000 per year. Eventually, I convinced the District to pay this amount to Parents every school year until CJ graduates.