Recent Decisions

DISCLAIMER: I have provided zealous, efficient and effective representation to families of children with special needs for over 20 years.  Here are some of the successful outcomes I have achieved for my clients.  Please keep in mind that special education matters depend greatly on the facts of each individual case. The favorable results I achieved in the following decisions do not guarantee I will win the same results in your case. Please contact me to discuss the merits of your particular case.

B.B. v. College Board (October 2019).

B.B. is a high school junior who suffers from ADHD, anxiety and other disabilities. Despite this, when B.B. sought accommodations to take the SATs, the College Board denied him extended time or other modifications. Parent came to me, and I appealed the College Board’s decision. Eventually, the College Board relented and allowed B.B. 50% extended time, a small room to take the test and other accommodations. B.B. did very well on the SAT.

N.S. v. ________ School District (Montgomery County, December 2018).

NS. is an elementary school student who suffers from severe ADHD and learning disabilities. Instead of helping NS, the District treated her as “uneducable” and regularly excluded her from class. Parents retained my services and I filed for due process. The hearing officer ordered the District to place NS in an excellent private school at District expense and awarded NS compensatory education worth approximately $30,000. The District also must reimburse Parents’ attorney’s fees.

BS v.                     School District (Montgomery County, March 2018).

BS is an elementary school-age child with behavioral issues and significant learning disabilities. When BS struggled with reading and writing, the District sent him to a self-contained class for “emotionally disturbed” children in another school building. On my recommendation, Parents placed BS in a private school with strong one-on-one reading and writing support. I then filed for due process. The hearing officer ordered the District to reimburse Parents’ tuition payments, provide daily transportation and pay my attorney’s fees.